About Us

    Tempus Group was founded in 1998 and has been steadily growing as  a global conglomerate, holding Tempus Global, Tempus Assets, Tempus Financial Holdings, Tempus Investment, Tempus Tour, and Tempus Logistics as sub-groups. Focusing on travel and personal finance services, investment, and trading in the global value chain, Tempus services over 157 countries  all over Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, and Africa; holding more than 81,000 employees, Tempus’ has fulfilled an annual transaction of  200 billion yuan. Tempus has been rated as a Top 500 Enterprises in China for many consecutive years, as well as a top 100 Shenzhen Enterprises . The Tempus Group now owns two listed companies, Tempus Global (Stock Code: 300178.SZ) and Tempus Holding (Stock code: 06880.HK).

Company Culture

    Core Values
    A national high-quality service brand
    To internationalize and meet our clients’ every demand
    Management Philosophy
    Cut paths through mountains
    and build bridges across rivers.
    Hiring policy
    Tempus is an open workplace that welcomes
    talents from various backgrounds.


Development History

    May 26th
    Tempus Charity Education Fund UniversityCooperation Signing CeremonyHeld at Tempus Group Headquarters

    May 26th
    Tempus Global Co-Sponsoring theFirst Mutual Life Insurance Business in China– Trust Mutual Life Insurance Officially Established

    May 24th
    Tempus Groupholding Its Second Employee Congress and Voting for a new staff manual

    May 11th
    Tempus Group exhibiting at the 13th Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair

Video & Audio

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